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Love is like a priceless diamond, which reflects thousands of reflections. But being broken in such love is the ultimate pain. Find from here a lot of Broken Heart Outline Images to express your pain to your girlfriend or boyfriend who broke your heart. You can download and share these pictures, wallpapers, and e-cards via social media sites.

    I hope one day my weak heart will forget you.

    I remember him not as the one who broke my heart but as the one who taught me how to live with a broken heart.

    Broken heart sometimes following your heart, mean losing your mind when the mind is losing then, everything is losing.

    The pain of love will never stop. Broken heart personal messages...

    Here are the images and pictures to express your broken heart feelings. Just download and use these wallpapers and e-cards in your status or dp to express your pain to everyone in your contact list. You can download any number of outline pics from here for non-commercial purposes.

    A Broken heart is same as melted chocolate; it will never come to the position that would remain before it.

    I would cry a million walk a million miles just to be only with you.

    Thanks for breaking my heart.

    Don't be much closer to anyone because a small change in their behaver hurts a lot.

    I don't run away from you... I stroll, and it kills me that you don't care enough to stop me...

    I act like I don't care, but deep inside, it hurts.

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